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Humility- The Secret to Moses's Greatness

Have you ever thought about what made Moses so great that God referred to him as a friend? The answer is humility. What is true humility? Many have misinterpreted humility as thinking less of self. But nope! My own definition of humility is having the awareness that no matter how accomplished one is, as long as they are human, one will always be limited. Humility is based on having everything and realizing that, you cannot buy grace. Well, one may argue money gives access to many things & of course it does but if you don't have divine helpers and guidance, you may lose it all. Proverbs 3:5 states "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding". King Solomon was born into prominence and was wise enough to ask for wisdom. That was humility. Moses never took his relationship with God for granted. Despite his accomplishments, he knew what his source of power was. He constantly sought God and made sure the presence of God never left him. The more he was used mightly by God, The more he realized he was just human with limitations.

Take a moment and do an honest self-evaluation. Have you trusted more in your own abilities than the giver of those abilities? What do you think will happen if you trust the source more?

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