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The Ancient Prayer Blueprint

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The Ancient Prayer Blueprint is a timeless prayer protocol book that will help you manifest your heart's desires and navigate real problems in challenging times. This self-help practical, prayer guidebook is for the spiritual purpose-driven and perplexed alike. It is a step-by-step personal development guide on how to pray effectively. The Ancient prayer Blueprint focuses on the mysteries behind the Knowing, The principle of silence and thoughts, The power of creative imagination, our physical posture in prayer, and principles of advantage. A common hindrance to our manifestations is not lack of prayer but not knowing that there are protocols to take into account when praying. These protocols ought to be observed with understanding in order to receive answers. The truth is, these rules of conduct are not just formalities but a language in the spirit. Your posture in prayer is communicating something. Many carry out these physical positions with a lack of consciousness of what they truly mean.

Of course, for people who are serious about manifestation, that means incorporating these postures with the consciousness of their effect on the spirit. …

In This book, The Ancient prayer blueprint, you are going to discover;

The Knowing - So that you understand the importance of clarity in prayer

The Principle of Silence & Thoughts- so that you may know how to reverence God & the highest language of the spirit!

The Power Of Creative Imagination - So that you understand that imagination is a boundless realm that can work for or against you.

The Posture - The Not talked about Physical postures that move the heart of God. Why we Kneel, Raise hands, and why you need to sit down in prayer at times.

A bonus of the actual prayer that changed how I prayed ever since and also prompted me to dig deeper into the mysteries of prayer!

Principles of Advantage – Hidden in plain sight secrets that will help unlock, keep and sustain your miracles.

This book is available on Amazon.


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